¿Who is Ms Xisty?
Ms Xisty, more than a brand, we are a lifestyle, dedicated to the daily life of women today, to innovation, transformation and elegance “ni sont pas le vétemenst est le crochet”.
What is our design philosophy?
Go hand in hand with the textures and designs, according to the versatile times of each woman, gathered in one style
Payment methods?
We accept for local payment (only applies to Venezuela) urges payment, bank transfers, international accept paypal.
From which countries can I access the web?
www.msxisty.com, clothing accesories, website is operated for Latin America and USA.
How much is the shipping cost and delivery times?
The shipping cost and terms vary according to the customs regulations of each country, volume and weight as the case may be.
Do you sell wholesale?
Yes, for more information, please go to the link on the page, wholesale sales section.
What is your return policy?
Go to the company policies link Returns section
How long does it take to process a return?
The refund process takes 3-7 business days, once the refund process is completed, it will be credited to the same credit card used in the purchase.
I just added an order, can you resize or add another item to the garment or accessory?
Unfortunately not, you must make a new order, do not modify the existing orders.
How can I change my order?
Once the reasons for your change have been evaluated (see policies and return requirements) we will proceed to make the change, if for the moment the garment or article is no longer in existence, a refund will be made to your account, then you can place the order Of your preference. Return address (applies only to Venezuela) Calle California, Edificio California Suites, & Mall Ps MZ Local PM -8. Urbanización Las Mercedes. Caracas-Venezuela
Delivery requirements for transfers?
Once the payment has been made, the department in charge will review said transfer, once it has been validated, the delivery will take place at the established times.
Where is our physical store located?
Venezuela: Calle California, Edificio California Suites, & Mall Ps MZ Local PM -8. Urbanización Las Mercedes. Caracas-Venezuela USA: coming soon.
Can telephone orders be made?
For our peace of mind and our distinguished clientele, it is not allowed to take orders or purchases through phone calls, our company is very serious about fraud, if you have problems with your payment please send an email to the following address comprasmsxisty@gmail.com, where we will gladly attend your case.
Shipping options?
Shipments within the territory of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela are sent via zoom or mrw to the interior of the country, local, (metropolitan area of ​​caracas) check office areas and retreat offices, international our orders are shipped within the US through usps, other fedex countries, according to state or country.